Booking conditions for camping pitches
Of course, you are always welcome without pre-order. The minimum booking for a reservation is 3 nights. For certain seasons, a different minimum booking of 5 nights is possible. Wishes on a specific pitch are gladly taken into account. We reserve the right to change allocated seats if necessary for special reasons. The pitch will be kept free for you on the day of arrival until 18.00 o'clock. Reservations are valid for the booked period, if they have been confirmed by the local authorities and are binding for both sides. If your arrival is delayed, we ask for notification. On the day of arrival the parking space is available from 10.00 am / Mietcaravan from 3.00 pm. We ask for arrival until 18.00 clock. If this is not possible, please inform us immediately in writing. The departure takes place until 12 o'clock. Earlier arrival and later departure on request. Dogs are allowed on certain pitches and always on a leash. The bringing of dogs must be stated when making the reservation. The reservation request requires a written confirmation from us. Please check your emails and spam folder after sending the form. If you are asked to pay a deposit, then we ask you to check the accuracy of the booking data and to pay the down payment in the stated term of payment. Please note that the reservation can only be confirmed after receipt of the deposit. A non-payment of the deposit amount does not cause the cancellation of the guest accommodation contract, which therefore remains binding and entitles us, however, to withdraw from the guest accommodation contract after a reminder with a deadline. By taking over your parking space / rental caravan you have agreed to our current prices. Retroactive changes and deductions are not possible! Current price reductions can be found on our homepage. In case of errors in the correspondence, the current price list applies! The order is part of the reservation conditions and is accepted without restriction. You can withdraw from the contract at any time! In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, we must be notified of the withdrawal in writing. Decisive for the resignation date is the receipt of the declaration of resignation from us. The best is the delivery by letter, fax 07771-9190492 or by email: